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a quick review roundup

The Gray Witch's Grimoire - Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

Some witches seem really bogged down in the issues of what's good/white magic and what's not ok, as though its possible to make broad sweeping statements, rather than looking at the complexities of each specific situation. This is a much more pragmatic, down to earth sort of book. Here's some quotes from other reviewers and links to their reviews. Sometimes, to do what's needed, we have to make tricky choices.


"The viewpoint is way more balanced than many other books of it’s kind that I’ve seen, and the lack of pervasive fluffiness is refreshing" http://breelandwalker.tumblr.com/post/48800061086/review-the-gray-witchs-grimoire-by-amythyst


"The Gray Witch's Grimoire is a unique look at the world of magic, witchcraft and spell work." http://facingnorth.net/Witchcraft/gray-witchs-grimoire.html


There's also a study group working with the book, you can find them here - http://cauldronofthegraywitch.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/grimoire-of-gray-witch-study-group.html