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Post Witchfest

Reblogged from Tansy Firedragon:

Quite a few months back I got a phone call inviting me to talk at Witchfest...I was very honoured to accept if a little nervous and actually as the day got closer the nerves got worse...

Anyway...Saturday I was up before the sun rose and on a train with the lovely Ness and Josh heading towards Croydon to meet up with Tracey.  We arrived in torrential rain...

As I was a speaker and the guys had gold membership tickets it was both useful and also slightly embarrassing to be escorted by a Witchfest crew member past the huge long line of people queuing outside the venue in the rain and given special access straight to the front door...

Inside it was already bustling with people and full of vendors selling their wares.

We started with a mooch around the stalls and then at 5 to 12 we entered the room for my talk...

Packed to the rafters...all the chairs were full and people were still going in and sitting on the floor - I suspect I looked like a rabbit in headlights because I was hit with an overwhelming desire to turn and run.

However...once I got going all was OK (after checking that people were in the right room and hadn't thought it was the sex magic talk...) they were a lovely crowd, albeit at one point an avocado was likened to a testicle...something I shall never be able to get out of my head...

A huge thank you to everyone that came to the talk ...and stayed...it was very much appreciated.  Also a big heartfelt thank you to all the Kitchen Witch posse and those familiar faces that attended the talk took, I ♥ you guys.

After a quick bite to eat (a very nice vegetable dish) it was time for thebook signing.  Big thanks has to go to the two ladies running the COA book stall, they worked tirelessly all day.  Another big thank you to those that came and purchased books as well - most of them sold out completely!

With the talk and the book signing unfortunately I didn't get to attend many of the other talks and workshops.  I did get to watch the opening ceremony led by the fabulous Tylluan Penry and also made it to Professor Ronald Hutton's talk towards the end of the day - always worth listening to.

It is a huge event and one that must take a massive amount of organising so thank you to all those involved in staging it.